Thursday, July 21, 2011

Today and a temporary farewell

Today, we had a few more opportunities in Portugal.  We visited a Christian nursing home, and we began our visit with a concert.  The people seemed to especially enjoy the upbeat bluegrass songs.  The guys were also able to share about Jesus and some testimony.  After the concert and meeting some of the patients, we got a tour of the facility.  It was a wonderful home.  We were treated with coffee and cake, and headed onto the next place.  We then went to a beach, where we played some music next to the beach.  Moonbeam and the missionary shared with people who stopped to listen and invited them to a service on Sunday.  A couple and two friends said they were going to come to the church service.  While there, a guy who organizes bands for restaurants in another town, Sintra, asked if we would come and play there.  He took the missionary's contact information, and we hope he will contact him that we might go there and play and share with people there.  You can be praying for that as well.

Well, we learned today that we will not have internet access for the rest of our time in Portugal.  So, I will give you the itinerary for the next few days.  Tomorrow, we go to a women's prison to play some music and share with the inmates.  In the afternoon, we will go back to visit Elena for her birthday.  In the evening, we are playing and sharing for a men's ministry meeting that the missionary has each month.  On Saturday, we hope we will be able to go and play in Sintra.  There is also the possibility that we will meet other IMB missionaries.  Saturday evening, we will be playing at a church service.  On Sunday, we are playing and sharing at three church services.  That night we will be playing for a couple hours at a cafe.  Hopefully, we will be able to talk with people in between sharing and after we play.

Monday morning, we head to the Ukraine and Moonbeam heads back to the US.  If we have internet access there, we will update as we can.

Thanks so much for your prayers!

Day 2

On our second day, we had a few great opportunities.  First, we went with the missionary we are working with along with two other national pastors to a park.  The pastors are hoping to start a new church in this particular area of town.  While the band played music, the missionary, pastors, and Moonbeam (Paul's fiancee and our friend) talked and shared with those in the park and passersby.  They were able to talk with many people about Jesus. 

After returning our instruments to the car, we went to two specific neighborhoods in the area.  The neighborhoods are more like what we might call ghettos, and have an oppressive atmosphere.  We prayer walked through the areas.  You can be praying for these two neighborhoods and the pastors who are wanting to begin a church there.

After going to one of the pastor's homes and meeting his family, we went to a quick dinner.  Then we went to a prayer meeting at a church.  Evangelical churches here are small in comparision to what we have in the US.  However, with only 1% of the population of Portugal being Christian, having 50 people meet for a Sunday service is a wonderful thing.  So, we went to this prayer meeting....and it was us and a handful of people from this church.  We were able to share some music, some testimonies, and pray with fellow believers.

It was a great day, and we were thankful for the opportunities that God provided on this day!

When in Lisbon....

Bom dia!
   (That's good day in Portuguese...feeling a theme here?)
  We arrived in Portugal safe and sound on Monday, July 18th. Lisbon is five hours ahead of Eastern time and we arrived at 9 a.m. So, we flew all night and felt like we were up at 4 a.m. A tired start to a good day. Thankfully, the Portuguese love espresso and have plenty of places to get it. And, it's only 1 Euro....about $1.50. Have four or five espressoes and the time change doesn't hardly matter at all.
   On our first day of mission work, we took a few hours in the early part of the day to see some sights. Portugal doesn't really open for business until after 10 a.m., so we had some time to look around. We went to the Palacio Pena, the westernmost point of continental Europe, and the Mouth of Hell.
  The palace was super-cool. It sits on top of a mountain and the walk up was an espresso-killer. Apparently, the royal family used the palace as a reteat. Grandiose is not a strong enough word....
   The westernmost part of continental Europe was cool. Why? Well, as a band, we went to the easternmost point of continental North America a few years ago in Newfoundland. So, we've been to both. I like stuff like that.
  After the continental point, we went to a hospice and played some bluegrass for some sweet, sweet folks. The residents there suffer from a variety of maladies, but Alzheimer's seemed to be a fairly common one. We were blessed to meet and sing for the hospice workers and residents. A wonderful time of Gospel-sharing and fellowship.  We were especially touched by one lady, Elena, who is only 63, but lives in this home.  She suffers from deep depression, and said our visit brought some joy to her day.  We are going back tomorrow for her birthday.
    The "Mouth of Hell" is a grotto that earned its name due to the suicide of a former queen. After her death, others seeking to end their life followed in her footsteps. Now, the area is still hauntingly beautiful and a bit of a tourist trap.
     That pretty much sums up the first day....more to come.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The time draws near...

Hey y'all-
 This is Jeff from LRP.
  We just wanted to take a minute to remind you that we are preparing for our mission trip to Europe. We're excited to go and serve the Lord in whatever way He sees fit. Our mission preparation has included times of rehearsal, playing live, prayer, and other necessary activities. I'm even planning on changing the strings on my mandolin.
  This summer has been one of changes. People are getting married (well, I'm getting married), people are graduating (Sarah and Cameron), and people are growing huge beards (Paul). But, we are still committed to playing bluegrass music as a way of helping missionaries share the Gospel with the lost.

  Pray for us as we go. Support us if you can. We will be faithful to the task.
  The Long Run Players

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We're getting ready to go to Europe!

Hey y’all-
              This is Jeff from The Long Run Players.
              I wanted to take an opportunity to let y’all know what we’ve got going on this summer. In mid-July, we’re leaving for a three-week mission trip to Europe to serve with missionaries. We’ll start our work in Lisbon, Portugal and then travel to the Ukraine. In both places, we’ll play music, assist missionaries with their work, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are excited to go.
            As we prepare to go, we need your help. Here’s what I mean. We believe that God truly loves the people of Europe and He has called us to go this summer and tell them how they can be saved. To get there we need two things: prayer and funds.
            We are asking you to pray for us as we prepare to go and as we go. Can you commit to pray for us every day? We need it. Without prayer, our efforts will be nothing more than a vacation. We do not want or need a vacation. We want to go and be used by God to further the glory of His name and the name of Jesus Christ.
            We also cannot get there without some money. That’s just the hard reality. Now, I know that God provides. I know that all the money in the world is truly God’s. I also know that He gives as He sees fit. However, I also know that God might use you to help us get to Europe.
            As a mission team, we do not normally send out support letters asking directly for funds. Rather, we are praying for God’s provision and letting you know of our needs. The total cost for each person is around $2,500. So, we’re trusting God to provide a lot of money…..
            Here’s our request. Pray for us as we get ready to go and serve. Pray for us by name. Pray for Sarah, for Paul, for Cameron, and for me (Jeff). Pray for the missionaries that we will be working with in Portugal and the Ukraine. Pray for the immigrant populations in Portugal who do not know Christ. Pray for the Roma people in the Ukraine.
Also, we are asking you to pray about possibly helping us financially. If the Lord is leading you to help, then please do.
            Here’s how you can get any support to us.
            You can make out your check to “The Long Run Players” or to me—Jeff Gayhart.
            Then, send them to:   Jeff Gayhart
                                                PO Box 453
                                                Bedford, KY 40006

            Also, you can give through PayPal on our blog. If you are familiar with online buying (like eBay), then the PayPal option might be the best one….the Donate Now! button is on the right of the page.
            If you can help, great. If not, we certainly understand. We are excited to go and serve the Lord through the beauty of bluegrass music.
            God bless,

Monday, February 28, 2011

What's Going On?

Hello LRP friends and family,

We just had a wonderful evening at Bethel Baptist Church in North Vernon, IN.  We played for about 45 min or so, and got to join some of the musicians from there.  Then, we joined the church in eating vittles.

In the near future, we will be leading worship Sunday morning at Jeffersontown Baptist Church on March 13th.

We have been working a few months on our trip to Ukraine and Portugal.  More information will be added as we establish more and more what we will be doing while we are there.  The trip is scheduled for the last few weeks of July.  Begin to pray for us as plans are formed and finalized so that we may use our time most effectively while we are there.  Thank you all for your support and prayer.

Also, If you are wondering how the Long Run Players came into being?  Check out the "About The Band" tab.

Friday, December 24, 2010

One Year Ago Today...

Hey Long Run Players' friends and family-
 I'm sitting here at my Mom and Dad's house in Kettering, Ohio and thinking about where I was (with the band) last year at this time. So, here we go...

   One year ago today: We were finishing up our time in Taiwan with final concerts, parties, meetings, and good-byes with friends. Here is some of what happened....

  1. We played our final concert in Taiwan on December 22nd at Mr. Donut in BanCiao. A lot of our friends from Change Life Church (I hope I remember that right...) came and helped us tell the Christmas story.
  2. Earlier on the 22nd, we recorded a show for Good TV in Taiwan and it was aired in early 2010.
  3. We had Christmas with friends (The Rileys, The Gass's, and Danielle) with some awesome sweet-tater casserole prepared by Pam.

  4. We helped with a Christmas Day program at a junior-high school in BanCiao.
  5. We held a Christmas Party at the guy's apartment Saturday night after Christmas with tons of friends from ChiLee Technical Institute in attendance. Our friend, Wayne, was the translator for the telling of the Christmas story.

  More to come.....those are just a few fond memories from The Long Run Player's time in Taiwan. Also, these are just my memories. The other band members probably have plenty to share....
  Merry Christmas from LRP!